Environmental Sustainability

Urban Environmental Issues & National Development (UEIND)


It is no gainsay that urbanization continues at a record pace all over the world, most especially in emerging economies. Some of the observable impacts of rapidly growing urbanization and economic development in cities of developing nations are witnessed in environmental issues connected to poor sanitation associated with waste management challenges, defects in urban drainages, flooding, shortfall in potable water supply, lack of sustainable infrastructure, degradation by human activities, air-, water-, soil- and land-pollution, among several others. The cities consume a substantial quantity of materials and energy and release large quantity of waste. In this wise, the cluster explores the nature of the urban environment, characterize it and determine how it affects human and well-being. The cluster helps provide with a wider scope of possibilities, particularly applying global solution to local problems, and advances that can be transferred and implemented in our own context.

Research Cluster Areas / Projects:

  • Waste Management and its applications
  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH)
  • Urban environments and how they function
  • Rural/Urban Sanitation and Hygiene studies
  • Challenges with building defects and development of alternative materials for the industry
  • Alleviation of urban stress problems
  • Urban drainages and structural defects
  • Air, water and soil pollution
  • Water Supply in rural and urban communities
  • Remediation of polluted sites.
  • Circular Economy and Biodiversity
  • Engineering Education and Sustainability etc.


Our grant offers scholarship for postgraduate students at Master and PhD levels for Credit and Degree seeking candidates.

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